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Real-time Utilization & OEE Reporting

OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) is an industry metric for tracking manufacturing performance. OEE is often used as the single metric for gauging the efficiency of the shop floor and tracking OEE can help teams improve factory health. The problem with OEE is that it's very difficult to track manually, and many systems take shortcuts for determining OEE. MachineMetrics is a robust OEE solution that automates the reporting of OEE by using machine's scheduled availability, performance of meeting ideal cycle times, and quality. Real-time OEE is available in various reports including the real-time dashboard, historical reports that can be compared by shift, and when viewing individual job/part reports. Utilization, TEEP and OOE are also measured and visible in historical reports.

  • Real-time Utilization & Historical OEE Reporting

  • OEE History Screenshot
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