Prepare the Shop Floor for IIoT

how to prepare the shop floor for iiot ebook-cover
How to Prepare the Shop Floor for IIoT

Undertaking digital transformation is a major initiative that involves both the careful selection of technology and buy-in from frontline workers and management. Teams on the shop floor who are beginning to digitize their production are likely new to the concept and will require a strategic change management process to make a smooth transition to a new way of operating.

From a hardware and IT perspective, shop floor teams will also need to prepare their equipment and network for data acquisition. With the introduction of automated data collection, there are also security and compliance measures to account for in preparation for deployment.

From our partnership with customers, we have identified several of the most important focus areas for champions of IIoT projects. With proper planning, buy-in across teams, and the right solution, manufacturers can significantly increase the likelihood of success and the amount of value realized from digitizing their operations.

This guide serves as a helpful checklist for users to ensure they are fully prepared for deploying IIoT.