Case Study

Predicting and Preventing Tool Failure: An Interview With BC Machining



For Bob and his employees at BC Machining, broken tools and scrap parts were just a fact of life. They were so ingrained into the business that Bob ran the machines at 200% capacity, simply accepting the lost time and materials due to tool failure that it became the norm and not an anomaly.

In Bob's words, “When you break tools and make a scrap part, you’re just throwing money away.”

To finally address this problem, Bob enlisted the help of MachineMetrics and our groundbreaking new product offering MachineMetrics Predictive, a solution enabling them to diagnose, predict, and automatically prevent these machine tool failures on their Star CNC machines that lead to broken tools, scrap parts, and costly downtime.

After a quick and successful deployment, in just a few weeks the results spoke for themselves: "Since using the MachineMetrics’ predictive tool breakage technology, almost all of our waste has been eliminated. We've calculated the savings at our Swiss turn machines to be about $72k's been monumental to say the least.”

Within this case study interview, the BC Machining team share their experience using MachineMetrics Predictive and the dramatic impact that the technology has had on their shop floor and their bottom line.

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