eBook: The Manufacturing Analytics Journey

The Journey: Manufacturing Analytics eBook

Manufacturing analytics goes beyond the actual collection of the data to include the formulation of insights that can be used at every level of the organization. The advancement of tools and software in this area means that the process of collecting data is no longer manual and the analysis is centrally available, in real-time.

In this eBook, we'll be diving deep on the practice of collecting and using manufacturing analytics to drive greater efficiency on the shop floor. This comprehensive resource is broken into three parts:

Part 1: Learn about manufacturing analytics, the journey that manufacturers experience as they become more mature with analytical capabilities, and the significant advantages that real-time analytics provide.

Part 2: We discuss the different types of analytics that manufacturers can use to deepen their understanding of machine performance, including descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

Part 3: Get insight into how production and quality create useful analytics, as well as how manufacturers are moving from descriptive to predictive analytics.

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