On Demand Webinar

Machine Monitoring: Driving Bottom Line Impact with Real-Time Visibility and Automation



Michael Wisnefsky
Lead Engineering Manager, Mayville Engineering Company
Graham Immerman
Graham Immerman
VP of Marketing, MachineMetrics


Mayville Engineering first engaged with MachineMetrics to accomplish a clear objective: increase their factory throughput by reducing downtime across its facilities. This required gaining full control of its machine and operational data from its manufacturing assets.

From day one, Mayville Engineering's application of MachineMetrics produced both granular and institutional changes to how the company operated. The ability to visualize and analyze machine health and production data accelerated critical, actionable bottleneck analysis that led to dramatic increases in machine utilization and OEE.

In this live webinar interview, MachineMetrics is thrilled to be joined by Michael Wisnefsky, engineering manager at Mayville Engineering who leads the organization's implementation of MachineMetrics. Michael will share their digital factory transformation story including: their initial goals, some of the challenges they faced, and how they were able to drive remarkable bottom-line impact leveraging the MachineMetrics IoT platform.

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