Getting Started With Digital Transformation

THE NO EXCUSE GUIDE TO IIOT: You Are "Digital Ready"

The manufacturing industry is currently navigating several economic challenges, including a shortage of skilled labor, increasing market competition, and major supply chain disruptions.

To overcome these challenges, digital transformation driven by Industry 4.0 – often referred to as Industrial IoT – holds significant promise with the availability of solutions that can foster agility, innovation, and continuous improvement.

But based on conversations with many manufacturers, a certain degree of reluctance to adopt IIoT continues to persist. Due to the statistically high failure rates among IoT pilots, many manufacturers are wary of pursuing modern technology that they perceive as having a high likelihood of failure. On the flip side of the coin are the many manufacturing leaders who understand technology’s transformative potential but simply don’t feel they or their organizations are “ready” to digitize.

"The No Excuse Guide to IIoT" outlines the most common objections manufacturers cite when contemplating the deployment of Industrial IoT solutions. Our goal is to address these valid concerns and provide guidance that will help you and your team pursue digital transformation with confidence.

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