MachineMetrics Production Empower your production team with factory-floor visibility, OEE tracking, and advanced performance analytics.
MachineMetrics Health Equip your internal maintenance team with real-time diagnostics, condition monitoring, and preventative and predictive maintenance.
MachineMetrics Service IIoT enable your equipment by installing the MachineMetrics edge to provide remote service to customers and predictive maintenance to your fleet.

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Asset Status & Management

View & Manage any asset across departments and locations

Utilization Reporting

Monitor asset utilization trends over any period of time

Machine Diagnostics

Real-time view of all machine conditions/tags

Machine Alarms

Historical view of all machine faults/alarms

Time-series data export

Export machine condition data for any time range

Time-series condition monitoring

View any historical or real-time machine condition in a time-series graph

Incident Management

Manage, Assign, and Resolve issues in a workflow

Machine Alarm / Fault Notifications

Send alerts when specific alarms occur

Downtime Alert Notifications

Alert users when an asset is down for a specified period of time

Shift Management

Manage working hours and shifts reflected in all reporting

Benchmarking Emails

Receive benchmarking data that computes the uptime of your machines against similar machine types of all MachineMetrics customers

Customizable KPI Dashboards

Monitor your factory's performance over any period of time

Customizable Operator Views

Track downtime, assign jobs, and view machine performance in a touch-friendly MES Terminal

OEE Performance Tracking

Track overall equipment effectiveness historically and in real-time

Downtime Tracking & Pareto

Track equipment downtime with customizable downtime reasons

Quality Tracking & Pareto

Track part rejections / non conformance with customizable rejection reasons

Setup / Changeover Tracking

Monitor & Track setup times for all jobs

Cycle Time Analytics

Deep part cycle analytics

Operator Insight

Track the performance of machine operators

ERP Integrations

Integrate with major manufacturing ERPs to eliminate importing/exporting of CSV files

Share Diagnostic Data with Service Provider

Allow your service provider to provide remote maintenance and support of your equipment

Alarm Analytics

Deep analytics of machine alarms across your entire factory floor

Preventative Maintenance Schedules

Manage preventative maintenance based on machine usage or conditions

Analog Sensor Values

Augment machine control data with anlog sensor data with live streaming and threshold condition monitoring

Cycle Analyzer

Compare any data item across multiple cycles on a time-series graph

Detect Machine / Part Anomalies with AI/ML

Predict cutting tool failures from control data wth no additional sensors

Visibility into Customer's Machine Conditions

Reduce Service costs by having real-time access to machine conditions and diagnostics of your customer's equipment.

Build PM Plans specific for your Equipment

Manage and optimize preventative maintenance plans for your customers

Visibility into Customer's Machine Maintenance

View history of PM tasks to ensure maintenance has been performed properly

Deep Epicor Integration

Use MachineMetrics Operator View as an Epicor MES Terminal, or drive MachineMetrics with the Epicor MES.




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