Choose the plan that’s right for you
Whether you have a shop floor with 10 or 10,000 machines, MachineMetrics is designed to grow with you – providing the features and flexibility you need at every stage.
Foundation An affordable option for those at the beginning of their digital transformation journey.
Lean Shop For high-growth teams looking to take advance their digital manufacturing efforts to the next level.
Factory The most comprehensive platform for machine monitoring and manufacturing analytics at scale.

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Simple Machine Integration

Do it yourself or full service available

Historical Reporting

Monitor machine utilization over any period of time

Machine Condition Monitoring & Pareto Charts

Determine health of machines with real-time dashboards & alarm history

Machine Timeline View

Detailed view of machine status & alerts in a timeline view

Email & Text Notifications

Alerts when machines go down or performance falls below expectations

Real-time Shop Floor Dashboard

Displays machine status, utilization & OEE against goals for the current shift

Weekly Performance Emails

See how your shop performed versus the week before, and your best week ever

Downtime Reason Tracking in Machine Timeline View

Categorize downtime that operators might have missed

Touch Screen Operator Views

Communicate production goals, categorize downtime, reject parts, stop & start jobs at the machine

Downtime Pareto Charts

Quickly identify the most frequent & costly downtimes across your shop floor

Cycle Time Tracking & Reporting

Quickly identify changes to cycle times

Setup/Changeover Tracking & Reporting

Display changeover time objectives to operators & report on each event

OEE / OOE / TEEP Performance Reporting

Monitor your factory's performance over any period of time

Detailed Production Reporting

Uptime, downtime, quality, & performance reporting for every job/process

Real-time Production Dashboard

Visualize machine status & production performance against goals to shop floor

Access to APIs

Develop your own integrations, dashboards & reporting with our developer-friendly API

Deep ERP Integration

Integrate with major manufacturing ERPs to eliminate importing/exporting of CSV files

Pricing depends on the plan you choose and how many machines you have. Contact us for a customized quote. Get a Quote
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