Product Features

Real-Time Factory Floor Dashboards

Real-Time Dashboards give factory workers the information they need to make faster decisions. Simple color-coding provides an at-a-glance indication if the job is performing at or below expectations (against Parts Goal or OEE metrics) and is measured in real-time. The shop floor dashboard is often installed on large screen televisions across the shop floor at each cell. The Operator View is displayed on an android tablet mounted on or near the machine tool allowing the operator to add human context to machine data.

Operators who are assigned to a machine often will work harder to ensure their machine doesn't fall behind their goals and their peers. This transparency alone can improve performance by over 10%. Supervisors walking the shop floor can quickly identify where time should be spent. By the time you get the data you need from a traditional ERP system, it's too late to take action.

For any job that falls behind or machine that goes down, a text or email notification can be sent giving managers who aren't on the shop floor the information they need to take immediate action.

  • Real Time Machine Monitoring Dashboards

  • Real Time Machine Monitoring Dashboards
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