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In 2019 alone, SilencerCo was able to realize remarkable improvements in both the efficiency and profitability of their production leveraging MachineMetrics. SilencerCo started their implementation with the goal to capture real-time manufacturing data for their business systems in an effort to improve decision making and set realistic benchmarks for future improvement. Download this case study to learn how they achieved these goals as well as other significant gains they experienced across the organization.
Within this case study, you will learn:
  • How SilencerCo solved shop floor challenges with machine monitoring 
  • How their daily operations have changed after implementation 
  • How MachineMetrics helped surface data and give Operators a voice 
  • What hard truths SilencerCo learned by implementing the MachineMetrics Platform 
  • All of the significant and measurable gains SilencerCo has seen since partnering with MachineMetrics 

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