Customer Testimonial

From Manual to Automated Data Collection and Reporting



David May
President, Trinity Precision


Recently, Trinity began an initiative to improve the equipment utilization on their shop floor to identify bottlenecks, problems, and waste to close the loop between design and manufacturing.

When they looked at their existing parts tracking and data gathering system, the Trinity team realized they had additional work to do in order to bring data capture and insights to the same level as the rest of their operation. They also believed that they could solve many of the problems encountered on the shop floor by leveraging technology.

According to Trinity president David May, their previous system had consisted of a typical manual and fragmented mix of Excel spreadsheets, paper tracking, and an ERP system where data was stored and used for enterprise functionality. David and his team believed production visibility would only be possible once they had moved away from manual data collection, towards an automated solution with more actionable data and reports.

The Trinity team sought to partner with a company whose expertise and platform for capturing vital manufacturing information and analysis would help them get control of their data and help them identify problems that could be improved.

Trinity approached MachineMetrics to find a solution for their traditional data management and its analytical shortcomings. According to David, the MachineMetrics devices and platform went live and eliminated the manual system in just two weeks.

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