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Using Real-Time Machine Data to Trigger Maintenance



Jason Stokes
Maintenance Supervisor, Boyd Corporation
Sandy D'Souza
Director of Channel Partnerships, Fiix Software
Bill Blog Author
Bill Bither
Co-Founder and CEO, MachineMetrics


As you go along the journey from reactive to preventative maintenance, an inevitable question you’ll have is “what’s the best way to schedule maintenance?” Manual scheduling practices can be complicated and time consuming. Evolving your scheduling strategy to automatic condition-based triggers is a powerful way to become more efficient and stop wasting time and money on extra maintenance you don’t have to do.

Boyd Corporation, a user of Fiix and MachineMetrics software, is a prime example of a company currently on this journey. Join us for an inside look at how they’re currently using their Fiix CMMS along with Fiix app exchange partner, MachineMetrics, and their future plans for integrating the two systems. You’ll learn:

  • The different types of condition-based monitoring and a rundown on some of the common techniques used to monitor assets
  • How switching from an Access database to Fiix’s cloud based CMMS helped Boyd Corp become more efficient
  • How MachineMetrics enables manufacturers to connect, collect & visualize asset data for identifying bottlenecks and areas most prone to downtime
  • How to connect other maintenance and business tools and software to your CMMS using Fiix’s app exchange network and open API