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    Cullen McLarty
    Cullen McLarty MachineMetrics / August 31, 2017

    Efficiency through Visibility: New Job Report Downtime and Rejected Parts Pareto

    The faster and easier it is to understand your data, the bigger the impact it is going to have on the way you do business. Learning about a problem a week later is not half as useful as knowing it today.

    In the past, you could only view this information by machine. Now we've brought these feature to your jobs report as well. 

    With the new Rejected Parts and Downtime Pareto charts, you will be able to gain a deep comprehension of how each of your jobs is performing with just a few clicks. No need to export files or create pivot tables.


    The Rejected Parts Pareto tells you quickly shows you where your rejected parts are coming from and how many there are. The Downtime Pareto tells you which downtime categories are taking up the most time and how long they are taking.

    Now that these features have been brought to the jobs report, you will be able to examine your business from an entirely different angle. Machines might be sold, swapped out, or undergo extensive repairs, but consistent downtime from a job could imply something consistently inefficient about how the job is being carried out.

    With the new pareto charts, it isn't hard to take a look at the bigger picture of a job's performance. Unstead of being lost or unnoticable, job related issues can now be swifty identified.


    The purpose of the pareto charts is to provide you with the the data that matters in a format that doesn’t require you spend your time arranging and refining it to make it useful. You will know what is having a high impact on your efficiency and will have the information to make the decisions that matter. No software can make decisions for your business, there is too much context missing from data. That doesn't mean data shouldn't be in a format as convenient as possible for decision makers. 


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