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    Graham Immerman
    Graham Immerman Industry 4.0 / June 11, 2020

    Get moving faster with these trends

    Now is not the time to fall behind. 

    Have you noticed that manufacturing seems to be getting exponentially faster? 

    It's important that you can keep up to compete! Here are a few ways you can get your production moving quicker. 

    1. Utilizing mobile technology

    Cell phones are certainly not just for personal use anymore. 

    Gone are the days when the only place for a phone at work was sitting on a desk!

    Mobile phone technology for manufacturing has advanced significantly, especially with the cloud. They can be paired with barcode scanning, clocking in, and even for safety! 

    Cutting down on the amount of times that your employees have to make the trek back to their computer or desk phone can save precious time. 

    2. Automation

    One great thing about robots is that they aren't confined to an 8 hour work day. In fact, many robots will work through the night! 

    Quality Mag said, "Using automated CNCs, manufacturers can make parts all night long without needing anyone to clock in or out of the job. This allows the plant to run three shifts with very minimal staff for the second and third shifts, thereby increasing production and reducing labor costs."

    There are 24 hours in the day, so use them!

    3. Dashboards

    Real-time dashboards save you both time and money by giving you a clear and immediate picture of what is going on. 

    Reducing machine downtime with predictive maintenance is extremely valuable and can help you reach your goals. 



    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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