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    Bill Bither
    Bill Bither Industry 4.0 / February 06, 2020

    Manufacturing personalization in 2020

    It shouldn't be a surprise that personalization is expected to be a big manufacturing trend in 2020. 

    After all, this trend has already been on the rise!

    Here are two reasons why personalization will likely grow in the next year. 

    1. Customer service expectations

    In today's society, customers are expecting a lot of information. 

    They want to know where their order is, what stage of completion it is at, and when it will arrive!

    Some companies already have this down, which is contributing to the pressure. Supply Chain Digital said, "To answer this question, manufacturers can look to the likes of Amazon or Starling Bank for inspiration. These companies are doing well because they create intuitive, connected and real-time experiences for their customers – and manufacturers need to do the same."

    Think about how you could integrate customer service and manufacturing processes this year. 

    2. Making your own business more cohesive

    Along those same lines, personalizing the manufacturing process might also give your own staff the connectivity and insight they need to collaborate. 

    If you personalize the customer experience, your employees could also have access to that information. Where is the product? How long does the process take? This could definitely help efficiency by streamlining the supply chain. 

    Make the technology switch for consumer expectations, but utilize it internally.

    "Cumbersome, antiquated systems and processes will not help in this new reality of extreme customer demands – what’s required are tools that help build the experiences that customers want. As a result, manufacturers that can connect customer data with automation and artificial intelligence are leading the industry in digital transformation."


    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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