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    Monitors Refresh and Relocation of Basic Notifications

    Perhaps you have used Monitors or Notifications in the MM product, or maybe these are features you are not familiar with. Regardless, there is so much opportunity with these features that many customers, using them or not, have yet to unlock. And as we continue to update them, Monitors and Notifications are becoming more and more powerful within the factories of our customers. 

    What are Monitors and Basic Notifications? 

    Monitors and Notifications both allow MachineMetrics’ customers to set conditions or triggers that result in specific actions. The goal of both is turning your data into an actionable solution within the factory. 

    Pretty great, right?! Let’s talk specifics:


    Monitors are set up to trigger based on certain conditions (triggers) including: 

    • Alarms 
    • Anomalies 
    • Machine Inactivity 
    • Setup Stage timelines 
    • Downtime Categorization 

    Based on the above triggers, you can then choose to create a resulting action: a Notification (SMS text or email someone on your team) or an Incident.

    Basic Notifications

    Basic Notifications can be set up for a Job or a Machine and are based on performance goals or machine utilization, with additional conditions that must be met like downtime uncategorized or a machine is not running a Job. 

    So, what’s this refresh all about? 

    With the refresh, you will see a beautiful new Monitors page with forms that are streamlined and efficient. While Notifications have historically been found on the Machine Settings and Job Settings pages, you will now find them on the new Monitors page as well. Although we will leave the original locations in Machine and Job Settings for a while, those locations will be sunset eventually, so make sure and visit the new and improved Notifications on the Monitors page.  Take a look in this demo with Ben Taylor, Front-End Engineer, and Product Manage, Jonathen Bicknell: 



    What’s next?

    We have a few more exciting things in the pipe for Monitors and Notifications. As we add developed workflow automation, these features will be transformed into an intuitive rules engine that allows for greater flexibility around trigger-based actions on your shopfloor. There are more exciting things coming, so stay tuned and, in the meantime, start exploring Monitors and Basic Notifications, and visit this Knowledge Base article if you have questions. 


    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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