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    CTodd Lombardo
    CTodd Lombardo Product Updates / March 27, 2020

    Product Updates 25-Mar-2020

    It's been a crazy few weeks, hasn't it? We hope you all are staying safe in these unprecedented and challenging times. While our team has moved to 100% remote, and virtual meetings are the norm we are still at it!! Here are some healthy new product updates cooked up just for you:

    Bug Fixes

    • Excluded adapter config field from form validation, which breaks < and > operators
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the status dot from appearing on the operator view
    • Removed the Workcenter Type field from the old Machine form. This was making it so you couldn't save the old form if a machine was created on the new form.
    • Sorts diagnostics fields alphabetically and numerically
    • Include installation date in machine api for service providers
    • Fixed permissions in breadcrumbs for new machine pages
    • Adds company switcher to trial expired page for users associated with multiple companies
    • Moves "All Machines" above all machine names on the Machine filter.

    New Features

    • We love it when customers add new machines so we made a new Machine form to do it! It's super cool because the old way was.. er.. well, slightly embarrassing.  You can learn more about it at this blog post & video.
    • And then, we made it even easier: You can now add a machine by duplicating an existing one. See? EASIER!! Add and connect machines to your heart's content.
    • Additionally, we included location and installation date fields for service providers on the Machine form, because those things are kind of important for them.
    • Think we stopped there? Oh no we didn't!! We released an update to Monitors & Notifications. You'll see they are now combined in one convenient spot, so there's no more going job to job or machine to machine to setup a notification. Learn more here
    • Speaking of, we added 'Medium' to incident priority options. High, Medium, Low: It just makes sense.
    • We added Humidity, Equipment Mode, and Cut Size data-items to our Edge config, so you can capture those items if needed.
    • Lastly, Auto-job Dispatch is now experiencing more freedom. We loosened the rate limiting constraints for automatic job dispatch, because they were failing. And failing is bad.(sorry!) Let's choose success.

    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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