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    CTodd Lombardo
    CTodd Lombardo Product Updates / December 09, 2019

    Product Updates 6-Dec-2019

    Santa Claus visits in 19 days, but we have a gift for you today. Enjoy these product updates! The changes are:

    Bug Fixes

    • A number of bugs on the categorize downtime form related to setup blocks.
    • We added America/Mexico_City and America/Monterrey to the list of supported timezone codes. ¡Hola amigos! ¡Ya es la hora!
    • Making good on opting out: Fixed a bug that honors the op-in or opt-out of our benchmarking. The wording on the machine form has been updated for clarity, also.
    • Because you like order and so do we: Fixed the machines breadcrumb dropdown to be alphabetized by machine name.
    • Buh-bye double-downtime: fixed a bug that would cause adjacent annotations with the same reason to overlap.
    • Fixes a bug that would allow for an ERP integration to seemingly start a job, but actually would get locked up. It will now throw an error if a job is started on a machine that is already running a job. Sadly, a machine cannot magically run two jobs at the same time.
    • Removes the hour picker from the Production Report's date-picker. You could still experience unexpected behavior if you type different timestamps into the URL. Stick to the filters and date-pickers in the UI, and you'll be fine like a hot chocolate on a cold winter night.
    • Undefined metrics be gone! We fixed an error on the diagnostic timeline when metrics were undefined and would cause an error.
    • We no longer show terminated shifts on the Production Report's shift filter dropdown. Because "terminated" means... well, terminated!
    • Applies a downtime failure delay setting to downtime dashboard tiles.
    • Addresses a bug where our trial-expired page would place users in a refresh/redirect loop.
    • Disappearing navigation headers are found! On the full-screen Performance Dashboard, navigating "back" no longer hides the nav header on subsequent pages.
    • We know some of you like rollercoasters, but getting stuck in an infinite logout loop is no fun, so we fixed that. Our apologies to those who may have gotten queasy from it.

    New Features

    •  We added scan controls to Standard Timeline that allow a user to jump forward or backwards in time. You're welcome, time-travelers.
    • Shows a badge with notification count over the "?" icon, so you'll know when we made updates, like this one.




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