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    Do you have post-coronavirus plans?

    The novel coronavirus is causing changes all throughout manufacturing.

    Whether you are temporarily closing, adjusting things a little, or making drastic changes, these days there's one thing everyone should definitely be doing - preparing for what's next. 

    It's most likely not going to be as easy as opening everything back up and returning back to normal operations. 

    Transitioning back to your pre-virus state will take careful preparation. It's important to note that it will probably be a gradual transition back to normal operations. It's also worth noting that some businesses will never go back to exactly what they were doing before - and that's alright!

    Starting things back up won't be as simple as calling everyone into work once it's safe. There are a lot of considerations!

    You need to think about your own operations and your employees' needs. 

    Take this time to prepare what needs to be done during a gradual reopening. Do machines need to be checked? Are there certain unfulfilled orders that need to be prioritized? 

    Then, recognize that it's possible not all of your employees will be able to come back right away. Some may still be sick, in quarantine, or have other responsibilities. 

    As CNBC noted, "One major limitation on any reopening will be child care. Parents can’t go back to work if schools and day cares aren’t open."

    They could also be caring for someone that is sick in their family. 

    It's going to take work, but let's keep the focus on moving forward! Now is the time to prepare because production will be ramping up again sometime and we are all just doing our best!


    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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