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    Dave Westrom
    Dave Westrom Industry 4.0 / January 30, 2020

    Getting the most from the data you collect

    Data is just data until you can make sense of it. 

    Are you just collecting data for the sake of collecting it, or are you actually ready to use it and make some important decisions? 

    In order to best utilize your data you will need to be organized and efficient. 

    Are you using your data efficiently?

    The Fabricator wisely said, "Can you hear the data speaking? Is it whispering … or screaming? Does it point you toward constructive improvement, or are you just putting out fires?"

    When used efficiently, data can help you move past the stage where you are always putting out fires. 

    Learning how to understand everything can make it possible to see problems before they pop up. This means less downtime, less waste, and less stress for everyone involved. 


    How can you tell when you're doing it right?

    Part of the problem could be that you think you're getting the most from your data when you're actually not. 

    The key is to stay organized. You should be able to pick out what's important while not letting other things slide. 

    According to The Fabricator, "As you become more data-savvy, you’ll find you have many sources of data, sometimes too many. As you sort through it all, look for ways to make the data speak. Make it visible. Put the data and analysis in charts and graphs. Be creative and make it user-friendly while still keeping it correct and relevant."


    Our real-time analytics dashboards show you what you need to know in a way that is actionable and easy to understand! It could be just what you need to get the most from your data. 


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