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    How manufacturing is working toward sustainability

    Many manufacturing companies are jumping on the eco-friendly train and trying to reduce their impact on the environment. 

    CSO Magazine said, "It’s clear then that CEO activism to meet the consumer eco-conscience is growing, yet it would seem both need the help of the other to make a significant lasting change."

    Here are two ways manufacturing is becoming more sustainable. 

    1. By recognizing the benefits

    Sure, being environmentally friendly is already a benefit but sustainable manufacturing is worth more than that!

    For example, with the labor shortage it pays for companies to be appealing to potential employees. Thomas Net said, "A global survey by LinkedIn found that nearly three-quarters of candidates want to join a company where they feel like their work matters. If organizations aren’t focused on ways to incorporate sustainability into daily processes, they won’t attract and retain the best talent."

    Additionally, environmentally friendly manufacturing can save money, increase efficiency, and even increase general perception of a brand. 

    2. By getting smarter

    Working smarter increases efficiency. Saving time and resources is good for your bottom line and for the planet. 

    CSO Magazine said, "Automation of the production line, headsets to communicate with someone anywhere in the warehouse, IoT sensors to record productivity, software to manage inventory tightly, and business intelligence tools that provide insight into what’s happening every second of the day, will all become prevalent."

    If becoming more eco friendly is on your list for 2020, consider how IoT and sensors can help you with that plan!


    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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