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    Eric Fogg
    Eric Fogg Lean Manufacturing / May 28, 2020

    Lean manufacturing crisis response

    Many states are opening manufacturing back up after limiting operations due to coronavirus response. 

    This process can be difficult and confusing. 

    Where do you start? What do you prioritize? How do you communicate with your employees and manage all the changes?

    Here are three tips to help you through it. 

    1. Lean into lean for adaptability

    Lean manufacturing techniques can be very helpful in a crisis!

    One benefit of cutting down on waste through lean is that it can make your business more adaptable. That is especially important during the uncertain times of a crisis. 

    Right now businesses should be ready and prepared for things to change on a dime. 

    2. Communicate!

    It's better to over-communicate than under-communicate. 

    The Fabricator said, "Brevity and consistency are two of the most important characteristics of effective communication. Put yourself in the shoes of the people receiving your message. Avoid dumping massive amounts of detail, which can lead to confusion. Make sure they can walk away understanding a few key points."

    If you can communicate clearly and effectively your employees and your business will be better prepared for changes. 

    3. Use data

    This is where machine monitoring really shines. 

    Your data can help you make better and smarter decisions for your company! If a machine goes down when you need it the most that can cause some serious setbacks. 

    When there is a lot of uncertainty in business and in the world it helps to know exactly what is going on with your shop floor. 

    Stay lean, stay informed, and above all stay safe. 


    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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