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    Jesse Mayhew
    Jesse Mayhew Industry 4.0 / March 19, 2020

    Minimizing risk with Industry 4.0

    As with any change, there is some risk associated with Industry 4.0. 

    While some businesses choose to go all in, that's not always an option. 

    If you're interested in Industry 4.0 but you're not ready to take a huge risk, know it isn't one or the other! Here are some low risk ways to implement Industry 4.0. 

    1. Start Small

    Industry 4.0 does not have to be a sweeping, expensive, high risk change. 

    Starting small can minimize the financial risk and help you assess where your money can be best spent. 

    Focus on the areas of your manufacturing process that could use the most assistance from technology and then go from there. 

    2. Prioritize Efficiency

    Utilizing technology that is proven to increase efficiency is one way to lower the risk of your investment. 

    As Industry 4.0 maximizes efficiency, it will also be saving you money. Industry 4.0 can decrease machine downtime, reduce waste, and so much more!

    Sensors are a great place to start. 

    3. Reduce Injury Risk

    Industry 4.0 can also help reduce risk in a totally different way - injury risk!

    Automation can minimize injury risks by performing dangerous or repetitive tasks. 

    EHS Today said, "While robots meet production demands, they also serve the dual purpose of reducing workplace injuries related to lifting, falls and other hazards."

    How can you use Industry 4.0 to reach your goals? What level of risk is your business ready for? As many manufacturers have seen, the risk is worth the reward. 


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