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    CTodd Lombardo
    CTodd Lombardo Product Updates / March 13, 2020

    Product Update: New and Improved Add, Connect, and Edit Machine Form

    If you have used the Machine Settings page in the past, you know it has previously been a dialogue box with a bunch of forms and not a lot of guidance. Many times our customers would have to call us and say, “help, I need to figure this out.” We've done a lot of homework, a lot of design, and a lot of iterations based on the feedback we have received, and we are thrilled to release this new and improved Add, Connect, and Edit Machine form along with the new Machine Settings page.

    One thing we realized in our research is that during the process of adding a machine, there may be multiple people touching this process- potentially one person adding the machine into the machines list, while somebody else is setting up the networking. One person may know the machine make and model while somebody else may be the one responsible for setting the notifications or setting the goals for the machine. In response to this, we created a process where multiple people can interact, if needed, to add a new machine.

    The look and feel of these updates reflects the new design language we are moving towards which is more user-friendly and more guided, so that you don't necessarily have to be an expert to use it.  Within the form, we have separated adding a machine to your account versus connecting a machine. This provides flexibility to add and connect machines at different times, depending on what may need to be done for those connections.

    Some features to highlight:

    • Updated Search and Filter options
    • View and Manage Edge Devices
    • Deleting and Decommissioning Machines
    • Machine Groups
    • Resources for integrating your Machines

    Let's take a closer look: 



    So what is next?

    • We’re going to sunset the ‘old' machine form in the near future
    • Adding the functionality for duplicating Machines
    • Improved Edge Device management
    • Additional networking tools for Edge Devices
    • Improved billing and invoicing

    All of this is subject to change since they are forward looking plans, and let’s face it- things don’t always go as planned.

    Got feedback?

    We would love to hear about your experience with this. Reach out to your CSM and let us know how things go. And happy connecting new machines! 



    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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