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    Great news; we have more product updates for our MM users! We are on a roll this month! Here's what changed:

    Bug Fixes

    • Addresses operator view issue. The operator view was, in some cases, using the wrong time for `last_part` causing the display to potentially appear as if there was a very long cycle time (when in fact things were normal).
    • Let's call a spade a spade: Diagnostic timeline graphs now show an 'offline' state when the machine has not been reporting data for more than 5 minutes.
    • Addresses issue where invitees would be redirected to an incorrect URL.
    • Link fixing: Previously a preventative maintenance badge on a machine (listed in the machine's info card on the Machines > All page) would route to the Monitors > All page. Oops! This updates that route to now point to the correct, specific page for that maintenance item.
    • The View In Timeline link is now an obvious link color (matches other link colors in the app).
    • Fixed bugs that would show the incorrect branding for service clients.

    New Features

    • Removes the one-minute polling call to /api/workcenter/:machineId/downtime from the operator view. Button in lower right is more clearly clickable. No longer shows top three reasons for downtime. This will improve load time performance in the operator view.
    • Orphan tablets are welcome here: Allows tablets that do not report their Serial Number to the OS to be registered and used in our system.


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