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    Cullen McLarty
    Cullen McLarty Industry 4.0 / February 25, 2020

    Taking reasonable steps toward Industry 4.0

    Despite what some people think, Industry 4.0 does not need to be a huge, sweeping change. 

    You might picture a state of the art smart factory, but that's not all of Industry 4.0.

    Sometimes, smaller steps are a better option. 

    If your business wants to invest in Industry 4.0, remember that you can move at your own pace and make steps that are reasonable for your business. 

    Make a plan

    Start by working together and identifying the areas of your floor that could use the most help. 

    Then, figure out which technologies could help you accomplish your goals. 

    You could realistically even start with one small area using Industry 4.0 technology. 

    See how it goes! Then assess, and move forward. 

    Check your infrastructure

    You definitely do not want to get yourself into a situation where you have invested in Industry 4.0 tech, but your network isn't equipped to handle it. 

    Your first step toward a connected factory could be upgrading some key parts of your infrastructure to make sure your floor can handle more technology and more data. 

    Electronic Design wisely said, "Data can’t thrive without storage. Storage is a key foundational building block and needs to be one of the first design considerations, not one of the last.

    If you start with these steps, you are on the right track. Jumping in head first when you are not prepared can lead to inefficiency and frustrations, so do your research first and prepare. Every business is different!


    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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