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    Dave Westrom
    Dave Westrom Industry 4.0 / December 20, 2019

    Technologies to implement in 2020

    When you imagine Industry 4.0, what do you picture?

    Is it a drastic difference from your manufacturing floor setup today?

    The truth is that is doesn't have to be like that at all. Industry 4.0 can be implemented in small, manageable steps. 

    Here are two technologies you could implement in the next year!

    1. Additive Manufacturing

    Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is a great way to get moving on introducing new technology. 

    Industry Week said, "With the right approach, 3D printing is a catalyst for efficiency, arming everyone from production engineers to machine operators with the tools needed to consolidate their supply chains, improve production processes and workflows, and get products to market faster."

    This technology is exciting and can increase efficiency, but it can also be introduced one machine at a time. Figure out which areas of your production could benefit the most and start there. 

    2. Machine Learning

    Having visibility into your machines could significantly affect your production efficiency. 

    Industry Week recommends this technology. They said, "By combining automation with machine learning to analyze staggering amounts of data. This means you can spot unhealthy trends in machine downtime, identify periods with high scrap rates and use these insights to make smarter, more profitable business decisions."

    The great thing about machine learning sensors is that they can be used with the equipment you already have. If you want to move forward on your technology initiatives in 2020, contact us!


    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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