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    Jacob Lauzier
    Jacob Lauzier Industry 4.0 / March 24, 2020

    The benefits of connecting AI and big data

    Artificial intelligence and big data are a winning combination!

    When paired together, these two technologies hold incredible potential for manufacturing businesses around the world. 

    Today, we'll discuss two of the many benefits from connecting AI and big data. 

    1. The ability to utilize more data

    Collecting data is great, but the benefits come when you can actually use that data. 

    Due to the scale of big data, it's simply not possible for employees to sufficiently sift through all of it to gather valuable information!

    Forbes said, " Smart data, however, is a different story: It’s the difference between a list of numbers and truly actionable insights, recommendations and, as users gain trust, automated actions that ultimately drive improved efficiencies, optimized operations, increased revenues and decreased costs."

    These benefits are increased even further when those analytics can be accessed and understood quickly, which is why we focus on real-time analytics. That way, the data becomes actionable immediately and staff can make decisions efficiently. 

    This leads us to our next point. 

    2. Return on investment

    To put it simply, becoming more efficient will save you time and money. 

    Using AI to analyze big data is extremely efficient! Everyone wants to reduce downtime and waste. Technology like this can absolutely help with that. 

    As you save money and free up employee time with efficiency through technology, your business can adapt and grow!

    Take a quick assessment - how could AI and big data help you reach your goals? 


    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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