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    Kaylee Hamar
    Kaylee Hamar Manufacturing News / January 03, 2020

    Three predictions for manufacturing in 2020 and beyond

    2020 is officially here! Happy New Year!

    With the turn of the century comes new predictions for what will happen next in manufacturing. 

    Here are three!

    1. Wearables

    The use of wearables in the manufacturing industry is predicted to grow. 

    This technology can be extremely helpful and is no longer bulky and cumbersome. 

    IndustryWeek reported, "The goal with wearables is to identify applications capable of enhancing worker safety and production efficiency. The right formfactors can augment and enhance the human's ability work."

    Increasing safety and production at the same time is a path to success!

    2. 5G

    There are a multitude of ways that 5G could significantly impact manufacturing in the next year and the next decade. 

    Inc said, "Startups may also use 5G to power better sensors and cameras that detect defects among manufactured goods. For instance, machines could find errors among prototypes, halt production, and identify what went wrong in the process at a very quick speed."

    5G can additionally be used to improve safety and train employees. 

    3. Cobots

    Cobots are quickly becoming more affordable, easy to implement, and efficient. 

    As IndustryWeek said, "Unlike historical deployments where one or two processes often consumed a disproportionate share of the project cost, collaborative robots (or cobots) allow for incremental investment. As a result, manufacturers can automate one process at a time."

    Due to the significant progress this technology has made, it's no surprise that the adoption and use is predicted to increase!


    What changes will your manufacturing see in 2020?


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