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    Eric Hagopian
    Eric Hagopian Industry 4.0 / April 09, 2020

    Three ways Industry 4.0 can speed up your shop

    One of the many benefits of Industry 4.0 is saving time. 

    From machines to filling orders, technology can absolutely save manufacturers time and money!

    Here are three ways Industry 4.0 can speed things up for you. 

    1. Reducing downtime

    This is a major reason why Industry 4.0 is valuable!

    Machine downtime is a leading reason for slowdowns, delayed orders, and overall wasted time. This also means that predictive maintenance is becoming a top priority for manufacturers. 

    Our technology can help with that by detecting problems early - so you can fix things faster and get back to work!

    2. Adaptability

    The coronavirus crisis has demonstrated that manufacturers have to be adaptable where they can in today's world! Industry 4.0 technology can greatly assist in the ability your business has to change things on a dime as the market or the world demands it.  

    This doesn't just apply to the coronavirus demand. Adaptability can also help you speed up personalized orders!

    3. Orders and estimates

    Consumers today have higher expectations. Due to the "Amazon Effect" orders are often expected to arrive within days! Even for larger scale orders, faster is better. 

    The Fabricator reported, "This is where the concept of Industry 4.0 can be applied to enhance the quoting process and go from analog to digital—a digital transformation. Think about the potential information that could be gathered during quoting to help make your business more efficient and effective."

    What areas of your manufacturing could use some speeding up? Where could you improve your business with Industry 4.0?


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