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    Graham Immerman
    Graham Immerman Industry 4.0 / October 08, 2019

    Top reasons Industry 4.0 is rooted in people

    Have you heard that industry 4.0 is coming to replace humans in manufacturing? 

    I'm here to tell you that manufacturing technology is actually deeply reliant on people. 

    Here are two reasons why we will always need the human element in the manufacturing industry. 

    1: Robots can't do everything

    While AI and machines are getting more capable, there are still so may things they will never be able to do. 

    Humans are the ones making decisions, imagining, and teaching the robots how to work. 

    The Week said, "History has shown that previous apocalyptic warnings about technology wiping out the need for human labor have proved untrue — although there is often a difficult transition period to new jobs requiring new skills."

    2. There is currently a skills gap

    Automation is increasing in manufacturing, and so are job openings!

    The Wall Street Journal reported, "McKinsey has forecast that the equivalent of 400 million jobs world-wide could be automated by 2030. At the same time, it projected that productivity gains and growing consumer demand would mean as many as 890 million new jobs, more than enough to offset the losses."

    With the current status of the manufacturing industry and the major skills gap, many employers are choosing to retrain current employees so they can also change with the times. There might be an adjustment period, but the jobs created by automation are often safer and better paying. This offers opportunities for employees to grow and learn more skills!



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