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    Matt Bruner
    Matt Bruner Industry 4.0 / April 21, 2020

    What's next for Industry 4.0?

    Let's take a minute to look into the future.

    What is next for Industry 4.0? How will the pandemic and related manufacturing industry shifts affect where we go next? 

    There are big shifts happening in the reasons that manufacturers use Industry 4.0, but a closer look reveals that it is probably more relevant and needed than ever. 

    How are Industry 4.0 goals changing? 

    We have to start with those big shifts going on in the manufacturing world. 

    As The Manufacturer said, "The business drivers of Industry 4.0 pre-crisis were focused on competitive advantage, cost reduction, productivity, sustainability and innovation. The goal was to make well run businesses run better."

    Now, many of the perks are being seen as necessary to keep businesses going strong. Predictive maintenance and maximum efficiency are vital these days. On the flip side, some companies are doubling down and halting their Industry 4.0 initiatives for the time being to avoid any up front costs. 

    However, the good thing about investing in Industry 4.0 right now is that it's not a temporary fix just to get through the recovery period from the coronavirus. This technology will keep helping you into the future!

    Many goals are the same

    Some of the top reasons to use Industry 4.0 technology include efficiency, visibility, and sustainability. 

    During and after the pandemic these are all still benefits that manufacturers can leverage to build and grow. 

    Don't write off Industry 4.0 right now out of fear or uncertainty! 


    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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