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    Jacob Lauzier
    Jacob Lauzier Manufacturing News / February 20, 2020

    Why additive manufacturing is growing in popularity

    Additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly popular. 

    Why is that?

    For starters, because it's versatile and can work for so many different types of manufacturing companies. 

    That is not the only reason!

    Here are three reasons why more and more businesses are utilizing additive manufacturing. 

    1. Reducing physical inventory

    Instead of one machine per-part, 3D printers can use a vast inventory to print many different items. 

    This efficiency and flexibility can result in saved time and money. 

    Inventory is a huge focus of lean manufacturing, so additive manufacturing is one way you can reach your lean initiative goals. 

    2. Small batch sizes

    Another great thing about additive manufacturing is that it becomes more affordable to create small batch sizes. 

    This means less surplus parts. 

    Supply Chain Digital said, "The cost benefit goes beyond the transportation in that we eliminate the need to get rid of obsolete parts. Only parts that are demanded are produced – no obsolete parts! This is a huge win for the environment and a clear cost saving to the brand."

    3. It's becoming more affordable

    As additive manufacturing technology advances, it's also becoming more affordable for small to medium size manufacturers. Affordability paired with the reasons listed above makes 3D printing an attractive option for many businesses. 

    Additionally, it is proving itself over time. More and more companies are finding success, so more companies are willing to invest. 

    How could additive manufacturing help your production become more seamless and efficient? 


    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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