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    Eric Fogg
    Eric Fogg Manufacturing News / November 27, 2019

    Two reasons 5G will impact manufacturing

    Do you remember when it would take forever to open just one web page on your smart phone?

    Cellular networks have changed dramatically in the last ten years, and the forward progress is continuing. 

    5G is coming, and it's not just for your phone. 

    Here are two reasons manufacturing could see significant impacts from 5G when it rolls out.

    Reason 1: Faster data

    5G could mean that your data moves even faster, helping you increase your efficiency and detect problems. 

    Tech Radar said, "This is where a 5G network will also support operational advantage – its speed and reliability mean there will be virtually zero delay between devices and the servers they communicate with, helping to identify and avoid potential errors before they occur."

    It's almost like a professional athlete getting new, top of the line gear. 5G is perfect for those that are already doing well and want that extra competitive edge. 

    Reason 2: 5G is powerful

    You might think 4G is fast, but 5G is actually much faster.

    It also has the power to do more. 

    CNN reported, "5G is nearly 100 times faster than 4G, and would allow a huge number of devices to be connected all at one time, something earlier networks couldn't handle. That means devices can communicate almost instantly with the servers that control them and with one another."

    Just think about what that could do for a smart factory. 

    This is progress, and it's happening sooner than you might have expected! Now is the time to start planning for 5G.


    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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