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    Jesse Mayhew
    Jesse Mayhew Manufacturing News / January 07, 2020

    Two trends in sustainable manufacturing

    Sustainable manufacturing is still a big topic in this industry!

    Everyone is talking about how to be greener and more efficient. 

    Going green is not only good for the earth, it could be great for your business as well!

    Forbes reported, "68% of millennials bought a product with a social or environmental benefit in the past 12 months, " and, "87% of consumers will have a more positive image of a company that supports social or environmental issues."

    With that in mind, here are two eco-friendly manufacturing trends to keep an eye on!

    1. Water use

    Going green isn't all about saving on electricity. Reducing use of resources like water is important as well!

    Manufacturing Global said, "Primarily, water conservation will be seen as a crucial issue, in 2020 and beyond. Manufacturing is not unique as an industry in its high-water usage and this needs to be addressed, for business as well as environmental reasons."

    Are you using a lot of water? How could you work around that?

    2. Additive manufacturing

    Did you know that additive manufacturing could help with green initiatives?

    3D Print said, "The benefits offered through reduced material waste, supply chain innovations that reduce the needs for shipping parts thousands of miles, the use of recycled plastics and metals in materials, as well as the development of new recyclable materials, can all position AM as the most sustainable production solution for companies."

    No matter what methods you use, try to go green in 2020!


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