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    Unlocking Plant-Level Insights with the MachineMetrics Company Dashboard

    Ultimately, the goal of collecting data across your production and operations is not simply to capture all the information, but to drive insights from the data so that you and your team can take action. Capturing data across the shop floor not only provides insights at the machine level, but also, when aggregated, offers tremendous value at the plant level.

    Recently, we introduced the Company Dashboard, showcasing a manufacturer's entire production operation within one screen, and highlighting the key problem areas to focus on.

    In this article, we expand on what is offered within the company dashboard and also offer a brief 2-min video overview.




    Centralized Data for Managers

    The MachineMetrics Company Dashboard is a compass for shop floor management. It provides real-time tracking of vital performance indicators like utilization, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), availability, and performance. Gone are the days of data overload; with the Company Dashboard, you get actionable insights right when you need them. You will know exactly what problems to focus on so you can immediately take action.

    Simplifying Shop Floor Complexity

    The Company Dashboard's features break down all the data of the shop floor into a view that provides immediate clarity into the status of the operation:

    • Production Volume: Keep performance in check with insights into total parts production against expected performance.
    • Know What’s Running: Easily see which machines are active and which are in production.
    • Highlight Underperformance: The company dashboard calls out the machines and operations falling behind expected performance, based on your historical data.


    Data in Context with Historical Baselines

    The Company Dashboard adds context to your data, pulling in operational data to understand job performance, while also juxtaposing your current performance with baselines based on historical performance.

    By comparing data from different periods, you can spot trends, deviations, and areas for improvement with ease. This helps to keep continuous improvement efforts focused on the most important and urgent initiatives.

    From Data to Action

    We’re continually building solutions to surface action for end users and ensure manufacturing leaders can make consistently better decisions. Want to learn about the full scale of capabilities that MachineMetrics offers?

    Set up some time with our team today, or watch an on-demand demo:

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    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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