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    The MachineMetrics Edge: Flexible, Scalable, and Self-Service

    We’re excited to announce another update to the MachineMetrics Edge platform - self-service capabilities. The self-service capabilities of our flexible Edge platform makes it easy to quickly deploy MachineMetrics, whether it be as part of our Free Trial program, or as a full-scale deployment across hundreds of machines.

    This marks a continued shift in how manufacturers deploy, configure, and troubleshoot connectivity at the edge, enabling production monitoring and Edge analytics at both speed and scale.

    IoT does not need to be a science project requiring deep in-house technical resources, year-long pilots, and custom development. MachineMetrics is designed to unlock the value of your production data while eliminating the technical challenges associated with legacy solutions.

    The MachineMetrics Self-Service Edge

    On top of MachineMetrics’ “out-of-the-box” solutions, deploying the platform is now self-service, offering users the ability to get up and running quickly. With the flexibility of the Edge platform, trial users and customers can manage the networking and activation of Edge devices directly from the Edge device itself.

    Users can choose to deploy either a physical or virtual edge to support data capture, with both approaches being self-service and straightforward. When deployed, these Edge devices become part of the MachineMetrics Edge global fleet. What this means is that users do not have to manage their operating system, deal with backups, or engage in any complicated configuration. We handle all of that for you, remotely, via the cloud.

    The flexible and self-service capabilities of our edge platform creates an effective approach for customers and trial users, allowing them to focus on the value of the solution versus complex setup, configuration, or troubleshooting.

    Deploy Quickly

    MachineMetrics can be deployed quickly, and we offer a free trial program for users to test the platform before scaling. With support from our team, users can see for themselves just how quickly they can begin capturing data from their machine assets. As MachineMetrics is hardware agnostic, users can leverage any device that meets the requirements or deploy without a physical edge by provisioning a virtual edge. This means absolutely no hardware costs are necessary, and no need for any back-and-forth shipping of devices. With little configuration required, users can get up and running quickly to start analyzing their machine data.

    Simple and Self-Service

    The MachineMetrics Edge software can be downloaded and begin running in less than fifteen minutes. Following basic instructions, users can easily provision and activate an edge, relying on MachineMetrics to manage the heavy lift of managing the operating system, dealing with device backups, and making software updates. We ensure this is taken care of remotely, via the cloud. Whether you’re deploying to one machine or hundreds, there is no expensive integration required, eliminating the technical barriers associated with IoT deployment.

    Getting Started Has Never Been Easier

    The flexibility, ease of use, and self-service nature of our enhanced Edge Platform is enabling manufacturers to take advantage of our trial program at no cost, no risk, and with minimal time required. We continue to remove the technical barriers of machine connectivity and scalable production monitoring, enabling users to focus on the end value of the solution: accurate, real-time insights from their production data.

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