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    Eric Fogg
    Eric Fogg Lean Manufacturing / March 17, 2020

    Two ways you could be looking at lean manufacturing incorrectly

    What's next in lean manufacturing?

    How is lean manufacturing going to change with new technology?

    This is a tough question, mostly because lean manufacturing is a continuous process that incorporates change!

    Today we will discuss two reasons why you might be looking at lean manufacturing all wrong if you think you can check it off your list and move onto the next thing. 

    1. Technology won't necessarily make you lean

    These days, technology always seems to be the answer.

    This isn't necessarily the case with lean manufacturing. 

    As IndustryWeek said, "Technology won’t fix a bad process, it will only speed up a bad process. Similarly, smart technology’s ability to enhance a lean implementation depends a lot on the proficiency of the lean team."

    When implementing technology and prioritizing lean manufacturing it's really important to look at the whole picture. Use technology to inform your decisions and improve your efficiency, but don't rely on it completely!

    2. You're never really finished with lean manufacturing

    The beauty and the value in lean manufacturing is that you are never really done. 

    Lean principles are all about continuous improvement and change - with the key word being continuous.

    As things change in the industry, you can adapt your lean strategies. However, committing to lean means committing to the process and sticking with it over time!

    If you utilize technology properly and keep working on efficiency, you will be on your way to success!


    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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