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    Eric Fogg
    Eric Fogg Industry 4.0 / May 07, 2020

    Working with IT and OT for Industry 4.0 success

    To put it simply, Industry 4.0 will probably not work well without support from your IT and OT departments. 

    Industry 4.0 really requires good infrastructure and upkeep. That means that multiple departments working together will be imperative for you to reach your goals!

    Here are a few reasons information technology and operations technology will be instrumental to your success as you adopt and continue the use of Industry 4.0 technology. 

    1. These positions are coming together

    As technology and the manufacturing industry evolve, there is a lot more crossover between IT and OT positions. 

    In the past IT has been more about the big picture and overarching infrastructure while OT has been more about real-time technology and smaller devices. But, as Forbes said, "Interestingly enough, as technology has improved, the two ends of the spectrum are converging. The lines between IT and OT are no longer distinct, and, perhaps more importantly, no longer even matter."

    This means that it is truly more important than ever to have strong communication and teamwork.

    2. Efficiency and freeing up other time

    If your IT and OT staff are working efficiently and working together well that can free up time for other employees to focus on their tasks. 

    This is the base of what Industry 4.0 is all about - increasing that efficiency and visibility to free up staff time for innovation and growth! 

    How could your IT and OT departments help your company overall? Have you given them the tools and support to work together?


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