Fastenal: Building the future in real-time
Our latest success story features Fastenal, a major industrial supplier of fasteners and tools based in Winona, Minnesota. We interviewed their manufacturing team to learn about all of the fantastic gains they have experienced since their implementation of MachineMetrics. Their investment in MachineMetrics paid for itself in less than 30 days and allowed them to run faster, gain production hours, take on more jobs, and produce more parts than ever before.
REVEALING HIDDEN CAPACITY for carlson products

This case study details all of the fantastic gains that Austin Peterson, CEO of Carlson Products, was able to see after implementing MachineMetrics including cost savings, full data visibility, and even the ability to garner a Kansas state manufacturing innovation award. Learn how MachineMetrics helped their metal stamping and fabrication shop to increase efficiency by over 20%! 

saving $1.5 million in year-1 for Carolina pRECISION

This case study details all of the fantastic gains that Gary Bruner, President and CEO of CPM, was able to see after implementing MachineMetrics. Learn how MachineMetrics helped Carolina Precision Manufacturing, a small-diameter, close-tolerance CNC Swiss turned parts manufacturer, save over $1.5 million in their first year of machine monitoring.

Swiss cnc infographic case study

Remember how MachineMetrics helped Carolina Precision Manufacturing, a Swiss turned parts manufacturer, save over $1.5 million in their first year of machine monitoring? We've made their story into an awesome infographic! 

ebook_cover_digital_mfg_transformation_roadmap_500 × 647

Manufacturing produces the greatest amount of data but is ranked dead last in digital transformation efforts compared to all other global industries. How does our platform help solve this problem while so many others have failed? When building a roadmap to digital transformation, the best approach is to accept that you can’t know where you’re going without knowing where you are now. This e-book was designed as your guide to locate yourself along your journey and determine the next actionable steps to advance forward into Industry 4.0.

The Cloud Advantage: Benefits, Compliance, &  Security

Despite the inherent cybersecurity risks, compliance consideration, organizations that have adopted cloud are finding that when it comes to the benefits, the sky’s the limit. We wrote this ebook to address any and all of your questions regarding the cloud, its benefits, the security concerns, and how to stay compliant. Are your fears real or are they holding you back from realizing your company's true potential?

The Industrial IoT Dictionary for Manufacturing

What’s the difference between Industry 4.0, IIoT, and Digital Transformation? What about Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning? Is the Digital Twin your company’s evil replicant or a new way to approach continuous process improvement? That’s why we figured it would be helpful to create “The MachineMetrics IIoT Manufacturing Dictionary”: a reference resource for those seeking definition or better understanding of any buzzword, keyword, or term pertaining to the new age of manufacturing.

Why Most IIoT Implementations Fail
According to a 2017 Cisco study, 74% of companies that begin an IoT initiative fail. More often than not, projects go over budget, deployment times run long, interoperability issues occur across legacy platforms or planning and resources aren’t allocated appropriately, leading to their cancellation.
The Machine Builder's Guide to Remote Machine Monitoring
Finding new ways of operating and new revenue streams is essential for any OEM dealing with the manufacturing industry. Machines can last a long time and manufacturers don’t take kindly to the notion of planned obsolescence. With IoT, OEMs can improve the quality of their products and services, as well as open up new avenues for business that they’ve never had before. It’s a brave new world with Industry 4.0.
Manufacturing Data: Benchmarking your business 
MachineMetics has gathered the largest and most powerful set of discrete manufacturing data in the world! This downloadable video presentation from our Chief Data Scientist, Lou Zhang, shows how we gather and use this data to answer industry questions that no one else is answering . See what this means for the industry and your business. 
Improving operational efficiency with industrial iot
A study by the American Association for Quality found that those businesses shifting to digital processes and Industrial IoT have seen as high as 82% increase in efficiency accompanied with 49% less defects.Within this ebook, we outline some of the barriers manufacturers must overcome in embracing Industrial IoT as well as the efficiency benefits to specific areas and to operations overall. 
Increase uptime with remote machine service
When a machine goes down in your factory, do you wish you could get it back up and running faster without an onsite visitThis webinar recording explores how, with MachineMetrics, you have the ability to share your machines with your service provider so you can resolve problems faster and easier! 
Wiscon Products: Optimizing equipment utilization
Our latest success story features Wiscon Products, an advanced CNC precision turned parts manufacturer. Their objective with MachineMetrics was to closely align with core goals of process improvement, reduced downtime and increased equipment utilization to better service their growing client base and gain full control of the data available to them.We interviewed their President/CEO Torben Christensen to learn how they improved their efficiency and Overall Equipment Effectiveness by using MachineMetrics. 

In this white paper, we're introducing a revolutionary new approach to solving manufacturing’s platform problem; an approach that has driven both rapid and continuous  value for our global customers. 

Iot Platform cover with drop-13-2
lou white paper cover -01-1
This scientific paper published by the MachineMetrics Data Science team explores the possibility of a machine- and part-agnostic algorithm for anomaly detection using CNC machine control data. Such an algorithm can become an important component in any number of diagnostic applications, including helping to predict or categorize machine failures, flagging manufacturing defects, and spotting corruption within the data stream itself
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