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    How does MachineMetrics stand out from the competition?

    With software that's easy to integrate and simple to use, MachineMetrics has been able to consistently beat out our competitors in most recent competitive analyses and drive manufacturing efficiency by more than 20% on average for our customers.

    The fact is 77.6% of manufacturers and machine shops have plans to install machine monitoring systems in 2017 alone. So do you know the difference between machine monitoring systems? Are you underwhelmed or unhappy with your current machine monitoring platform?

    We’d like the opportunity to pitch you on why we think MachineMetrics stands out from our competition and would be a better fit for your company:

    1.Touchscreen Operator Interface:

    We are able to collect data directly from machine controls and machine operators for the entire production floor and use this data to monitor machine conditions (faults, status, tool utilization), production (OEE & Machine Utilization), work-order status, and downtime reasons. The machine data tells us that the machine is down, and any faults that might have led to it, but the operators are the only ones that know the full context of the machine downtime.

    Our touchscreen allows for operators to add human-context to this data with touch screen tablet interfaces mounted right at the machine tool. Having a touchscreen at each machine with an intuitive interface that asks the operator to categorize downtime as it's happening allows this information to be made available in real-time to managers in downtime pareto charts.

    An operator can also reject a part using the operator view. Quality managers are able to view the quality pareto in real-time and when there are new rejects, head to the machine in question, re-inspect the parts and re-allocate as necessary.

    For some events such as tool changeovers or part changeovers, downtimes can be categorized automatically from machine data by the MachineMetrics rules engine.

    2. Superior Usability

    From the performance dashboard to the operator workcenter to the reporting features, the MachineMetrics interface is designed to be user-friendly for operators, managers, and upper-management. Our customers agree is that our aesthetic is more visually appealing than our competitors. Because of the platform's simplicity, training is minimal so we can get your team using the system in very little time.

    3. Easy Integration:

    MachineMetrics is incredibly easy to integrate and requires far less time for set up than our competitors. We allow you the option to integrate your own machines or to work with our on-site integration team. It all starts with a network connection to your machines - either via ethernet or through hardware kits that can be shipped to you. With MachineMetrics, you can start collecting data in minutes from networked machines that have MTConnect, OPC UA and from CNC Machine controls such as FANUC based controls with FOCAS, Mitsubishi M70, Marubeni Citizen-Cincom M700, Heidenhain 530, Heidenhain 640, and Siemens Simuneric 840D.

    Other machines may require our IoT Gateway, which can be purchased from us for a plug-in play secure installation or you can install our gateway software on your own device. As MachineMetrics is a cloud application, there are no servers to manage, and no applications to update. All that's required is available internet and that your machines are on you network and accessible from our gateway.

    4.Powerful Reporting:

    MachineMetrics provides more robust and superior reporting features including better OEE reports, job reports, downtime and quality pareto reports. Real-time OEE is available in various reports including the real-time dashboard, historical reports that can be compared by shift, and when viewing individual job/part reports. Utilization, TEEP and OOE are also measured and visible in historical reports.  

    Information such as cycle times, performance, number of parts produced, rejects, downtime reasons, and reject reasons can be reported on for each part operation. This information allows managers to quickly identify issues that are related to a specific machining operation and help measure the effect of process improvements.

    5. Fast Updates and Product Agility:

    MachineMetrics is more dynamic than our competitors; we have a team of developers that are adding new features weekly including ideas brought to us by our current customers. We understand that every manufacturer is unique and we don't want to shoehorn them into a profile to sell them our software. Rather, we offer a set of tools to our customers and support them to use the tools for whatever fits them best.

    6. Cloud and IT-Support:

    Because MachineMetrics is cloud-based, there's minimal IT infrastructure is required. Our mobile friendly software allows you to access your data from anywhere with a secure connection from your mobile phone or home PC without IT support or complicated firewalls and VPNs. We can also roll out new features instantly upon approval. However, whereas most of our competitors do not provide ongoing corporate IT support, MachineMetrics provides Full-Time unlimited support forever.

    7. Customer Success:

    MachineMetrics provides with a customer success manager (CSM) that, through routine meetings, helps train your team on our software and helps you meet your performance goals. Customers often make feature suggestions, and your CSM is dedicated to making those requests a reality. Your CSM is there to not only ensure your success using MachineMetrics, but to know the right questions to ask and to make sure that you are happy with your product experience.

    8. No Long-Term Contract and Guaranteed Success:

    Our customers have found this to be one of the most important differentiators between us and our competition; MachineMetrics does not require long term contracts whereas the majority of our competition does. In fact, we are so confident you will be satisfied with your experience that you can try our product for 90 days and we will refund your investment if you don't like the system.

    If any of this rings true to you, the only thing we’d like is the chance to show you what we can do. So what are you waiting for?

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    Ready to empower your shop floor?

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